Wednesday, February 27, 2013

YouTube Let You Earn

800 million unique visitors each month!

No. Not Sparking Online, lol. It's the #2 search engine, the Youtube. It's every site owner's traffic dream! An awesome run considering it was just started 8 years ago. It is safe to mention that each one that touched the net were exposed to Youtube in any other ways. Now, what's in store on us ordinary net citizen for this extra phenomenal site? Are we just contented using it or we want to earn from it? I knew, like me, most of you want to earn while using it.

How? This man (Philip DeFranco) knows the answers, that's why he is earning at least a million dollar a year doing Youtube thing. Here's what I understand how these people like Philip earned on the medium.

Firstly, by being on a Youtube Partner Program, you will be entitled to have an option to monetize your posted original videos. Advertisements will be run in your videos where your corresponding income depends on the number of clicks on the featured ads appearing in your videos. You can visit this MTM blog to know more about Youtube Partner Program.

Secondly, by using it as a tool in marketing. Most internet marketer use videos to produce more audience engagement on their contents and website, Youtube videos has a huge chunk on this. See on this post how big brands utilized the medium on their biggest marketing drive.

Now, let's get our camera and start pressing the record button and build our youtube channel. Happy video recording towards another online source income provided by this 8-year old medium.