Sunday, January 27, 2013

Top Youngest Billionaires Will Shape Your Online World

The world's youngest billionaires are at the age under 35 years. Yes, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg top it all. The top ten combine worth reach $38.8 Billion, enough to topple the Google's two founders worth. On the total combined worth amount of the group, 67% of it, engaged in internet or online related stuff, I will be featuring these 5 extra ordinary online kids. Fasten all seat belts.

1. Mark Zuckerberg at 28. His platform is massively crowded by a billion number of users. Facebook dominates. He is revolutionizing people's connectivity worldwide with no cost. Started on his Harvard dorm in 2004 with his 3 friends, now amassing his worth to $17 Billion. And there will be more surprises from this kid.

2. Dustin Moskovitz at 28. One of the 4 students who started facebook on their dorm, Dustin, the world's youngest billionaire is now worth $3.5 Billion. He left the social network platform giant last October 2008 and found his own company Asana. The company is considered as the ultimate task management tool. I will try his platform now for my team, besides it's FREE up to 30 users using it. For sure his company will impact huge how the corporate world will run or manage a project. Please check this article of Scopegater for more of Dustin's bio. 

3.  Sean Parker at 32. The darling of the tech world, Sean is a tech super genius and the founding president of facebook. A hacker that catches the attention of the FBI and CIA. Builds the famous company names like Napster,  Spotify and Airtime. Although it's struggling time for his new start up 7 month old Airtime company, he is worth $2 Billion. Nothing can stop this brilliant guy from creating magnificent online things. Stay tuned.

4. Eduardo Saverin at 30. Now, his worth climbed to $2 Billion. A Brazilian in origin, also a co founder of facebook who stirred controversy when he renounced his United States citizenship to avoid taxes amid the coming of facebook IPO. Currently living in Singapore, he is investing with digital and online companies.

5. Robert Pera at 34. An apple engineer who found his own wireless networking and internet access company called Ubiquiti Networks. His worth is $1.5 Billion and now the owner of NBA's team Memphis Grizzlies.

No doubts, these kids are shaping our internet landscape. Whatever will affect you in what you're doing online in the coming years to come, get back to them ... they're drafting it now. Check this post after 10 years.