Sunday, April 14, 2013

How To Earn From A Video

How to earn from a video? For most people, it's only a fun but for some, it's income generation while they enjoy doing it. Uploading video is now considered as one of the many income stream options we can have on the internet.

How much we can earn on video uploads? So far, a six figure US dollar income is possible as proved by these two extra-ordinary guys in Youtube platform: Philip DeFranco and James WedmoreNo doubts, Youtube is the clear winner platform to start pulling money using your video uploads. How? Please check my article YouTube Let You Earn. But there are also other video platforms worth looking. Here's your list.

1. Dailymotion. Make Money Sharing Dailymotion Videos. Boost your website, blog, and  
    social pages with quality content and receive advertising revenues along the way.

2. Viddler. Unlike the other video platforms I cited here, Viddler is Not Free! But of 
    course, it has its own advantage.

3. MyLikes. It is a social media platform for advertisers and social publishers.  

There you are, your alternative video platforms other than youtube! Let's start exploring it and see some additional income streams from our videos.