Monday, February 18, 2013

Buffer Your Social Media Contents

Buffer rocks! That's the way I say it now. It is an online tool in managing your social media contents. In my previous article, I pointed out how I often use it nowadays. If you're that person who don't want to missed your regular schedule post on your social media universe, then Buffer is all you need. 

Buffer will help you like it helps me in 3 ways:

1. It will simplify the way you will prepare your regular social media post in facebook, twitter and linkedin accounts. All you have to do is to decide how many posts you want in a day, then keep adding your desired contents as many as you want it. The contents you added will be in queued according to your preset time schedule of posting. Take a look at this video by Ms. Ileane of BASICBLOGTIPS how Buffer works. 

2. It will give you more extra time. Instead of keep minding the time of your schedule posts each day, leave it to Buffer where your prepared contents have been line up for publishing at the desired time you set. This tool is a sure leverage.

3. It will show that you have consistency. Posting on schedule without a missed shot is a great way of showing to your social media audience your discipline and consistency in publishing or sharing contents. Buffer doesn't miss posting as long as you supplied contents inside it. I never passed posting at least 3 posts a day on my twitter since using the tool.

My favorite feature is the Analytics inside where you can see the engagement indicators of your posts. Through this feature, I saw last Sunday that my shared article on twitter attracted 233 clicks. I love its analytics feature!

Start loving it and try it for FREE. You can upgrade later on for advance features. Come back and share your thoughts after you use Buffer buddies. :)