Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Exploring Video Newsletter of Talk Fusion

Exploring Video Newsletter capabilities of Talk Fusion is worth taking of your time, specially if you're a regular content creator sending your stuff to your online audience on their emails. Plus, be one of the proud users of this first in the world content service, the World's First Video Newsletter!

On readers or audience perspective, you are a regular consumer of newsletters. Weekly or monthly you received updates consist of news, contents, promos, tips, or sales pitches flooding on your email in the form of newsletters. Some catch your attention and others you just simply neglecting them. The next challenge for content producer is how they can grab your time, reading their contents from start to end of the article.

I made some video newsletter samples below featuring some of my favorite blog sites. What will be your impression if upon opening of your received newsletter will look like these following samples?


For sure it will catch your attention. Want to see how it shows inside your email or want a sample for your website too? Just reach me HERE.

Looking on the perspective of content creator, publisher or blogger, using Video Newsletter is an edge in capturing your audience attention and held them glued more time on your sent article. And here's more features for your add-on connectivity and possible social media engagements, on the bottom portion of the video newsletter you can direct your audience to your website, twitter and facebook accounts. Watch it here below how it's done.

Plus take a look how easily you can share your video newsletter to different social media sites you want!

If this prompt you now to avail this elegant service, grab it here.

These awesome video newsletters can be made by simply doing this easy 4 steps:

Log-in to your Talk Fusion account and go to Video Communication Center then hover to Create Video Newsletter under Video Newsletter tab.

Under Template Options, you have hundreds of templates to choose from suited for your website or you can customized your template according to your desire.

Inserting your text contents inside your chosen template, do some pictures pasting and video embedding you want to be featured.

Filling up your contact details: url, twitter and facebook accounts then send. See result then who viewed your sent video newsletter.

Or watch a video tutorial here below.

YES, I'm selling :). I'm an affiliate of Talk Fusion. What's your thoughts of Video Newsletter?