Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Creating A Google+ Hangout

Creating a google+ hangout, now comes to your mind and now on your to do list. As it said, "there's a lot you can do in a Hangout ...". 

I collected some articles showing the benefits of google+ hangout. Here they are:
Meet with clients without leaving the office.
Live conferencing.
Integrate these tools with you other efforts.

Now ready? Let's do the hangout.

1. Create your gmail account. If you have already your google+, just proceed to step 2. 
    After you successfully created your gmail account, proceed to google+, then search and  
    add friends to your circles.

2. In the left side bar of your google+ home, find Hangouts under More. Click Start A  

3. Install Plugin.
4.  Now you're ready to go! Invite friends inside your hangout. Explore the features. You 
    can Off / On your camera and microphone. You can have the Group Chat. Screenshare 
    is best for slideshow presentation!

I prepared also this tutorial "creating a google+ hangout" in a video.

It's Hangout Time! See you soon in one of your hangouts!