Friday, March 8, 2013

The Power of Video

The first article of this blog showed you how excited I am to the vast mine of undiscovered opportunities on the internet. For sure, it's pretty normal for starter like me and for those people who are about to jump in to feel that way. On that post you can easily determine that this blog is not focusing to any specific online thing to handle.

Now, after 2 months with 7 article posts and gathering 1000 pageviews, starting today Sparking Online (Exploring The Power of VIDEO) will laser focus on VIDEOS. What are the benefits, role, methods and who are the players in making Videos as online marketing tool? These are some of the questions to be addressed on the next succeeding articles by this blog.

Take a look at this striking video clip by Talk Fusion (which I'm affiliating with), delivering thoughts on the future of video as effective medium tool for internet marketing. The following infographics will show you convincing datas on this claim.

1. By 2013, over 90% of internet traffic will be video based.

2. If you're not using Video Marketing, you're not connecting with your customers. 

3. Online Video watching outranks other online activities.

4.  144% Products are more likely to be purchased with videos.

5. Video email advantage.

That's it. We will be talking all about videos from hereon. How do you often use video on your marketing drive? How's the experienced?