Sunday, March 24, 2013

Benefits of Video Email

Video is 7% words, 38% voice & tone and 55% body language, according to HuStream. Now which one you prefer to receive on your email, Written Text or Video? That's the charisma of Video Email. So, what is video email? You can simply put it as your replacement to your full text less dynamic email. Higher engagement to your customers and prospects can be attain using video messages.

Looking at this infographic, it's crystal clear where video email is going to be an undeniable part of your incoming marketing strategies. Look at the 64% of the small businesses which are not using yet but has plan to use video on their marketing works soon. See the 45% conversion rates! And here it is, goodbye to be a Spammer, with a 54% increased click-through rate of your sent emails!

Your benefits in using Video Email:

1. Yes, increase your click-through rate. Seeing the image like shown below inside your  
    inbox will surely press your finger to the mouse and play it. The power of a captivating 

2. More likely, you will have a buying prospective customers. Watching you in a video at a   
    regular basis will make you closer to your prospective customers and current customers 
    alike. It will create the personal touch on them, knowing you as close friends or 
    associates in the least time possible. Video generates more trust than written text. 
    People buy to whom they know and trust.

3. No room for confusion for your viewers. You will be relaying the correct message tone 
   (words, voice, body language and emotion) to them. Sometimes text conveys different  
   interpretation on every reader. Lots of social media status posts were have been the  
   cause of misunderstanding on different parties. 

4.  You have the wow factor on your online marketing! Check these oozing samples:
     From Bombomb
     From Flimp Media
     From Talk Fusion (Affiliated)

5. You will gain more visitor's time. More time spend per visit on your site is a big boost 
    performance. Viewers spend 2.5 times more time watching personally relevant short-
    form videos. 

Hey buddies, be awesome now and start using Video Email. Let's all be great online!