Saturday, January 5, 2013

YOU can earn online

Yes! Welcome to Sparking Online. This blog will serve as our ship as we travel to discover gems deep down the internet ocean. We don't have a single gem yet in our hands but we have that strong feeling (and we believe, you too) that internet has tons of treasure undiscovered by most of us. Others are already possessing very tiny of it but considered already as financial icons of our times.

Look at Pete Cashmore, the 19 year old kid at that time starting the Mashable blog, now a 27 year old $95M Guy

How about this story of twin brothers which started in online advertising now considered as prominent figure in affiliate marketing. 

Google AdSense is one considerable gem on the net, please check this report where blogs earn $200,000 - $600,000 a month in AdSense. 

Among others are theme designs, plug-ins development, basic website building, jobs available online (oDesk and Elance) and there's plenty out there waiting for us. 

Sparking Online will be sharing to you the online gems by posting article updates as we cruise the internet ocean. This will be a very long but profitable journey. Come aboard and let's start the adventure together.

It's our Day 1 fellow treasure hunter.