Sunday, January 13, 2013

Website: You Can Make It

Make a website? Most of us may answer: I don't know that thing. We might think that building a website is for computer experts and IT people only, but stop and look, my 7 and 9 yrs old little girls just made their own yesterday! Here's their blog site Planet of Lala Lele. Now there's no more excuse in building your own website. You can start practicing by making your website on a FREE platform like Blogger or Wordpress and you can upgrade later on to PAID features of the platform.

And why we need to have a website? There are lots of answers to this question. One simple thing to do how to answer this, is by visiting now a certain website. Look back and think, what's that thing is saying to you by that website you're in now? Here's one common thing that it's trying to do with us, the owner of the site is conveying something to us, he COMMUNICATE to us. Yes, website is a tool to communicate with people worldwide in various reasons.

Some specific reasons are:

Have you seen the father or mother of your grandparents? How about you, do you think the grandchildren of  of your children will see your God-given image? Your personal website will do the trick. It can bookmark all your family undertakings from photos, hobbies, gatherings, events, and views. Websites will stay for hundred years and all your family members of all generations will see the family LEGACY fresh in real time anywhere in the world.

Most websites are built for business purposes. Owners are reaching worldwide market selling their products and services. Whatever your product or services now, open your mind for potential global customers, your website will do the magic for you.

Book that might help on how to start is "Building A Web Site For Dummies". 

There you have it. Let's start building our FREE website and who knows, it might be our high-priced asset in the coming years. Happy building!